Beetle Rose is an online boutique where you can find one of a kind pieces, dope vintage, and specialty made unique garments. We pride ourselves on providing fashion forward vintage and recycled clothing. We take a modern edge on vintage classics and are here to curate specifically to our clientele. We showcase our pieces in ways to help people who love fashion, but don't know how to put looks together. At Beetle Rose you will stay inspired and learn how to style yourself with confidence.

Owner and lead stylist Caitlin Ripp has experience in retail for over 8 years. She started Beetle Rose in 2016 and has been a busy bee ever since. While working at Nordstrom she found there was a ton of "basic" fashion that was way over priced and felt it was difficult to find a 'cute' outfit for a night out. Every option was either too pricey or was what every other girl was wearing. She found it hard to find something unique to wear without spending an arm and a leg. Thrifting has always been one of her passions and has found a magic way of finding noteworthy pieces. She became obsessed and would thrift almost everyday. She would get lucky at the stores and eventually ended up with a garage full of clothing. That's when she decided to turn it into a hobby and Beetle Rose Blossomed.

Caitlin directs, styles and stages, all of her shoots. She puts in countless hours into perfecting her brand. She is dedicated to her craft and it shows through all her hard work. Her favorite past time is getting ready. She enjoys doing her friends makeup and picking out one of a kind outfits for them. All which are usually from her closet. She dreams of having her own boutique one day in the near future. As for now her collection Beetle Rose is online and in basement at LuLaB's in Oak Cliff, Texas.


Beetle Rose

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